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It is a progressive process to take the fleet’s tire management, since its current state, to the optimization step.

Management Levels

Starting from level 1 to level 10.

Each level has a number of requirements that must be reached for the fleet can evolve to the next level, raising a solid and reliable information base.

Going from level 1 to 10 requires dedication, discipline, guidance and time to reach.
However, fleet wins mensurable benefits in each reached level.

This multi-level strategy was projected for dont overload the fleets with changes before achieve results.

Reduce costs with TOP

Much, much more than a simple report that describes what was spent during a period. TOP accounts the excessive tires wear due low air pressure, incompabilities and other items giving you a better insight on how to reduce costs.

TOP guides you negociating better

Project costs per unit (mileage, kilometers or hours), using your company performance statistics, for easily comparing to different products before purchasing them. TOP helps you to negotiate VALUE instead of price with your suppliers. Information is power!

TOP analyzes tire inspections

TOP integrates with electronic inspection tools: Air Auditor, PneuSpector and Pocket Suite App. All obtained data is easily imported to issue reports, for taking corrective actions.

Collect tread depth, air pressure and correct it electronically if necessary, without using paper or forms.

Other Incredible Features

Vehicle Maintenance

Schedule vehicle services based on time or mileage.

Automated Database Warnings

Such as tires that were sent for retreading and have not returned.

Inventory Valuation

Obtain the current value of tires in inventory.

Vehicle Performance

Analyze and compare tire performance in a given vehicle and rank the best performing tires instantly.

Auditor Reports

Reports designed to support long term tire management decisions, providing a better understanding of your fleet.

Electronic Odometer

Mileage registers can be imported from external systems.

Mismatching Analysis

Create your own analysis standard for mismatching

Administrative Graphs

Tread depth condition, on-vehicle tires X inventory tires and so on.

Intelligent Inpection Forms

Print the ideal form for manual inspections.

And much more!

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